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January 24, 2011

Please Consider Going To Paul Karasik's Angouleme Presentation

imagePaul Karasik is worried that he'll be performing to an empty room later this week.
"I am teaching at the Masters School in Angouleme and next Friday I will be making a presentation at the Festival on Friday at 4:30 about the process of adaptation in comics with a City of Glass focus... Since it is an event sponsored by the museum, it does not appear in any festival literature and I am afraid that nobody will show up, so please give me any play that you can."
Since Karasik is one of the most thoughtful and articulate cartoonists going, this is bound to be a fun way to spend your time and if you make the time for it I'm betting you'll be rewarded. I have special sympathy for anyone with pre-presentation jitters that involve the specter of looking out over a vast plain of empty seats, so I hope it goes well.
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