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August 28, 2014

Please Consider Making A Donation To The Hero Initiative And Other Kirby Day Notes


It would have been the pioneering, powerful and prolific comic book creator Jack Kirby's 97th birthday today. There are several things going on in his honor.

image* the Kirby Family has put their emphasis on this day serving as a vehicle for remembering their family patriarch but also honoring him through donations to the Hero Initiative, a charity that focuses on support for older comics creators in need.

* the Kirby4Heroes Campaign was organized by Kirby's granddaughter Jillian in 2012 and she's been able to expand things a bit every year. The Facebook page is a great place to read about the various goings-on. There have also been some fine summary articles as to everything planned.

* several artists are drawing something today in Kirby's honor. Many of them will be found through the twitter hashtag #WakeUpAndDraw.

* Phil Hester is attempting to draw 97 pieces of Kirby-related art today.

* there was a story on NPR this morning.

* I've noticed these Kamandi books are still on $.99 sale over at comiXology. That's a fun series Kirby did in the 1970s, where an ecological catastrophe changes the world into a planet dominated by sentient animals and explored by a shirtless teenager. The issue #10 in particular has all the wild, powerful art that anyone could hope for. In terms of physical collecting, I've noticed over the last few years that issues in the issue number 70s, 80s and 90s of the original Fantastic Four run are findable at less than $5 a pop. That comic had lost some steam by then in terms of narrative build, but the art is wonderful. It's fun to collect Kirby in any format, and he did so much that there are entry points no matter your taste.

* finally, there is a birthday party with special beer.

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