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August 31, 2014

Please Help Me Update The Events Calendar


Momentous things happen when comics people get together. I did some work today on the CR forthcoming events post for December 2014 through September 2016. If you could check that out and tell me about anything you know that's scheduled,

I'm not sure there's too much that jumps out at me about 2015. WC Anaheim and CCI are a couple of weeks earlier than they were this year. I'm not even sure I knew that Anaheim had announced. For those that travel to shows, the Emerald City/Anaheim cluster might make a good trip. Linework NW will happen but has yet to announce; they're usually right around there, too. Autoptic is back. Anyway, please check it out. I forgot SPACE on my first try at this, so I'm sure there are others out there that haven't crossed my face.

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