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August 1, 2014

Police Advance Theory That Cosplayer Injured Sunday AM At SDCC Fell Rather Than Was Assaulted

There's a good write-up here at CBR about the Harbor Police determining that the cosplayed who was injured Sunday night may have fallen rather than have been assaulted; the CBR piece folds in the other information known about the injured person and her relationship to a man that was booked and then released on bond Sunday. I hope a fall turns out to be the case because of the ugliness implied in a willful assault. No matter the cause of her injuries, the cosplayer is still in our thoughts until she sees a full recovery.

I would also point out that the ability to have police officials involved in this way, and have security on high alert at the convention and at the hotels, that is one thing to which Comic-Con International makes a strong commitment and an area in which they enjoy some strong partnerships.

No matter the provenance of the young person's injuries, we must see to a continuing discusssion of harassment issues and issues of safety at shows, including Comic-Con. This story could still have some impact in an unexpected direction. I would imagine if this is the storyline we settle into as the most truthful one, there might for instance be some resulting discussion about minors attending shows. We'll see.
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