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February 26, 2014

Portion Of Funds From Sale Of First Wolverine Comic Appearance Art Going To Hero Initiative

imageOne of the problems with covering the surge in high-end sales for original comics art is that in a lot of cases the market surge came after the original sale, so while you have a perfectly reasonably and just transfer of funds and item taking place, you can't help but being made a little sad about the way things work that the original makers didn't profit more. That never gets taken care of, and in most cases artists have a healthy, generous attitude about people profiting from re-sale, particularly as places like Heritage Auctions have done such a good job forging relationships with comics-makers themselves in terms of working with them to sell their own holdings in first class fashion. It's nice to see the occasional high-end piece go on sale with charity in mind, too, and the safety-net-for-comics-creators group Hero Initiative will be one that sees some money from an expected high-revenue sale on the first page of comics art to feature the Len Wein/Herb Trimpe (I believe the provenance usually includes Roy Thomas and John Romita Sr. as well) character Wolverine. I would love to see a donation to charity impulse as a recurring feature of all art sales on every level. Maybe that can happen.

That comic book came out 40 years ago.
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