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April 30, 2014

Position Open At Fantagraphics As Longtime Staffer Jason T. Miles Announces His Departure

imageFantagraphics is advertising an e-commerce/social media marketing position. That's the position Mike Baehr has held there for years. They have a team there right now with whom they're very happy and I'd have to imagine that it'd be a fun time to join that organization. It's not like these kinds of gig come up a whole lot. I hope the fact that the job doesn't call for super-specialized knowledge means beyond familiarity with some pretty standard programs means they'll have their pick of Seattle's and of comics' mass reserve quantity of broadly skilled people. It's a diverse workplace, too, even more so now than when I worked there.

Baehr is taking the position Jason T. Miles held. Miles is a cartoonist and a mini-comics distributor (Profanity Hill) in addition to the editing and production work he'd been doing for the alt-comics house. He's also a very well-liked member of that community and the departure has been described to me as completely lacking any kind of drama whatsover. I look forward to seeing what Jason does next.
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