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September 24, 2012

Print-Finished Cul De Sac To Re-Run On GoComics.Com


Richard Thompson's Cul De Sac ended its print syndication run yesterday; congratulations to Richard on the achievement that was his very fine strip. One nice piece of news is that they've decided to re-run the strip from the beginning at its on-line home. My hunch is that the on-line distribution of strips isn't something anyone's figured out, doubly so in a way that it both complements the print syndication and works within the apparatus of what these media companies would like to do with their comics offerings. But it's nice to have them there, particularly when it's a work that's severed from other concerns.

Thompson came to strips a fully-formed talent and one of the reasons I got on board with it early on -- in an obsessive way for which I'm still occasionally kidded -- is that the first several months were super-strong especially around December-February 2007/2008 (which will now be December-February 2012-2013 in the re-run). So that should be fun to experience again, in anticipation of what I assume will be a well-archived print effort down the line building from the Andrews McMeel books that currently exist.
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