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June 19, 2017

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

image* Hillary Brown on On The Camino.

* Jillian Tamaki contines her run of stellar laudatory profiles.

* I'm traveling today after a fun weekend in Charlotte attending about 36 hours of Heroes Con. It's their 35th anniversary, and that shop was an instrumental supporter of this site back when we started out. I'm always happy to attend. Initial reaction: cons are weird this year. Opinions were all over the place as to the show's success generally and any one individual's place in that success. I could not find a pattern in it at all. I had a good time watching programming. That's always a very friendly show.

* in case I don't end up doing a full write-up, you know who's ridiculous at that show? Patrick Dean. He does these $10 monster drawings with ink wash added that are just lovely, and I don't get the price point! He has a new book out he's shopping around.

* finally, here's a profile of the always-fascinating Murray Olderman.
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