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June 28, 2017

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

image* Bill Boichel on Boundless.

* the cartoonist Chris Schweizer has a really nice advice post up for writers that want to break into comics, perhaps a bit more interesting than usual in that Schweizer's a cartoonist first (controlling the entire process) and I at least think of him as an artist/illustrator second, and this is directed at those that don't have many of his displayed skills. He also chides those that give "just make comics" level advice without further insight. I think his proposed path would work for anyone with the talent so that the resulting work would attract positive attention. Comics has a low threshold for entry and a pretty dependable mechanism for finding jewels in the rough. It may be more difficult to break into the middle, and harder yet to move from the lower end of industry gigs upward. Schweizer covered that stage, too, a bit more broadly, in a previous post.

* finally, Françoise Mouly and Genevieve Bormes talk to Gary Panter.
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