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February 25, 2014

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

* I don't know if this is still going on, but it's hard for me to imagine better money spent than on a follow-up to Uncivilized's very good Gabrielle Bell collection from a while back with the added inducement of a print.

image* Joe Gordon on Couch Tag. A bunch of folks from Page 45 on a bunch of differen comics. Joshuaon on Beautiful Darkness. Rob McMonigal on Alex + Ada. Andrew Wheeler on She-Hulk #1. Sean Gaffney on The Disappearance of Nagato Yuki-Chan Vol. 5. Michael Buntag on Wolverine #1 and She-Hulk #1. Johanna Draper Carlson on A+X #17. Greg Carpenter on March. John Hilgart on The Secret History Of Marvel Comics.

* Frank is swole.

* I suppose the takeaway from this should be that a life where reality and fantasy gets blended into a comic strip is wacky and eventful but all I get from it is an anecdote about predatory real estate agents.

* Rob Bricken talks to Nicholas Brendon. Frannie Jackson talks to Colleen Coover. Chris Arrant talks to Dan Brereton. Some nice person with Comic-Con talks to Kelly Sue DeConnick. Matt O'Keefe talks to Brandon Seifert. Zainab Akhtar profiles Lauren Monger.

* I liked Chris Schweizer's Space Usagi art donation to the Sakais art auction. Like his Richard Thompson piece, it goes a slightly different direction than most of the artists have gone. I really like how many folks are doing this art, and I hope that everyone looks into their wallets to buy one of them at auction and raise as much money as possible. Hey, here's another piece from my bookmarks.

* we've all been reading and keeping up with the La Mano history, right?

* one of the great things about these Ryan Holmberg articles at TCJ is they defy easy link-labeling.

image* process gif.

* not comics: for some reason I have this article about the dark side of Shirley Temple in my bookmarks. I have no idea why I have it, but it's an interesting enough article if you're not familiar with a) the way she was employed in this kind of humorous film shorts series where kids play adults (which is a brand of humor mostly out of bounds at this point), b) how she was sexually fetihized since -- and in fact, that's probably why I picked up on it, because she was use in a sex-romp issue of American Flagg! that way. I'm not sure that I agree with the way that article was constructed -- I think it's all text with Temple, not really subtext in the way it has to be unearthed, and I actually think how she appeals to other little kids in a crush-inducing fashion is more interesting than any adult fetishization of those feelings later on -- but those are interesting issues to engage, both for themselves and for the way an entire set of things to discuss can have the context changed out from underneath them in a quarter-century.

* not comics: another piece of not-exactly-comics writing I have is a piece on the much-publicized Amtrak program to give writers a free ride so they can write on board. I've been writing on trains for years and years -- it's my preferred way to travel if it's a short hop. I'm not sure if comics authors can apply to this, but I hope that we have more program like this in the future and that comics may benefit.

* not comics: and here's a third, a piece of writing from a few months back that found a second life with my Facebook friends, about the conversations we don't have about the role that privilege plays in being able to create. I think I would have a completely different set of emphases here, in that I think it helps to have these discussions so people don't make harmful decisions about what's waiting for them, and I'm less interested in the accounting of accomplishment than I am in promoting a fair and responsible industry that works in a way that privilege isn't necessary as an prerequisite for a life in the arts.

* finally, Gary Reed talks a bit more about Caliber, and disagree with the emphasis of something I wrote.
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