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June 11, 2012

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

* Roger Langridge draws for a good cause.

image* Rob Clough on The Death-Ray. Greg McElhatton on Marathon. Don MacPherson on Crogan's Loyalty. Ben Saunders on Ultimate Spider-Man. Alan David Doane on Alpha. Rob Wells on a couple of books from Martin Eden. Sean Gaffney on Until Death Do Us Part, Vol. 1. J. Caleb Mozzocco on various comics. Lauren Davis on Vattu.

* Bob Temuka would like you to know that he doesn't get angry about pop-culture bullshit anymore.

* Michael Cavna talks to Darwyn Cooke.

* I have't read a lot of the reviews of the first Before Watchmen effort, but someone I trust suggested I read this one by Andrew Hickey and I thought it was pretty interesting. I particularly appreciated his nominee for a previous (unofficial) Watchmen sequel and his suggestion that Darwyn Cooke is also commenting on other significant superhero comics. I mention this because I haven't read a lot of the reviews and some people are determined to see linkblogging as some sort of ongoing endorsement contest with political elements. There's also this weird-ass idea out there that any criticism of the Before Watchmen project from an industry/ethical point of view somehow depends on all of these comics being wholly awful. So with those things in mind, let me assure you that I would have to imagine that most reviews you can find of the first Before Watchmen effort are likely to be positive ones, because Darwyn Cooke is a highly-skilled comics maker. This one isn't positive, though. If anyone still feels compelled to personally recommend an equally engaging review of a more positive nature,

* Johanna Draper Carlson recommends a pair of lettering guides, a Faith Erin Hicks comic on process and Melanie Gillman's graduation comic.

* my answer to this question is always "who cares?" but I'm interested in going back at some point and reading what Michael Cavna has to say.

* Sean Kleefeld on finding an attachment to characters that look the most like oneself.

* the Not-Brothers Cannon have a new on-line home.

* someone walked into the room while I was looking at this post and said, "Gee, I wonder which one is the cartoonist?" That's a little bit mean, but it's still funny, and I don't think the cartoonist will mind.

* not comics: Jamie S. Rich is accepting writing commissions. This is intriguing to me on first glance as a way for writers working in comics to match the sketching element of many artists' income/output.

* finally, Gavin Jasper compares and contrasts the big writing guns at the big mainstream comic book companies.
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