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June 29, 2017

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

image* Françoise Mouly and Genevieve Bormes talk to Gary Panter.

* not comics: Steve Brodner provides producers with an Alex Baldwin-festooned TV backdrop.

* more not comics: I saw that Wonder Woman movie. I thought it was a pretty good popcorn flick. There were a lot of attractive people and locations, a lot of fighting, a lot of stuff blew up... all things I like. I think it will play well in the future as something people dip into and dip out of as it shows up on TV and as part of one's streaming service. I was surprised the Germans kept their shit together on the beach enough to inflict some damage. I would have wet myself and run away when the horses arrived and people started backflipping the fuck around. Anyone who thought you couldn't make a Wonder Woman movie must feel pretty silly now -- it always seemed obvious to me you could. I'm glad for people who received the extra charge which comes from direct identification with a movie character as full protagonist, as I've always had a wide choice of characters in a variety of media for that kind of fun and even potentially meaningful emotional commitment.

* finally, it's still not comics: I'm curious and hopeful as to the effect that the touring and repertory company versions of Fun Home will have on communities outside of New York. I'm imagining one person per show for whom that performance will be everything.
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