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April 28, 2017

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

image* one thing we should always remember about the Jack Kirby Marvel Art Fiasco from the 1980s is that Kirby was totally right that his art had value and would have been a magnificent gift for him to be able to pass along to his family.

* Ken Parille suggests a reading of Roy Lichtenstein's work that focuses on comic-book lettering.

* Jeff Haden profiles John Dolmayan. Robert Nagler Miller profiles Roz Chast. Frank Santoro talks to John Pham about Risograph printing.

* I like this rejected Todd Klein Cyclops logo. I got its concept right away but understand why an editor might not be fully on board.

* Heidi MacDonald went to Reed's Chicago show C2E2 and wrote this report. That one has kind of settled into a successful regional show, although I'd be surprised if anyone I know in the industry considers it a top three show.

* Katie Skelly on Lovers In The Garden.

* finally, I hadn't noticed that Pat Oliphant had done two comics this year. That Bannon is great. Still mean, our Pat.
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