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January 2, 2013

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

* Kathleen David continues to provide updates on her husband Peter David, post-stroke. She's long been one of my favorite comics-culture bloggers because of how thorough and straight-forward she is, so to have her providing witness here is a potentially fascinating thing. All best wishes to that family.

image* I missed this Eleanor Davis comic, which is weird only in that I'm sort of a fiend for Eleanor Davis comics.

* Jason says goodbye to American Elf.

* Rob Clough on a bunch of 2005 mini-comics. Sean Gaffney on Nisekoi Vol. 1. Grant Goggans on Shakara: The Destroyer. J. Caleb Mozzocco on Justice League International Vol. 1.

* what Al Columbia is working on.

* here is some beautiful Hans Rickheit fan art from Jeremy Baum.

* Seattle.

* Brian Hibbs shares his store's top sellers in books and comics.

* here is some very early work form Colleen Doran.

* the Charlie Brown Effect.

* not comics: Jillian Tamaki and Lisa Hanawalt are among the comics-makers with work on this list of notable illustrations.

* Chris Arrant talks to David Aja.

* finally, Bob Temuka, Shannon Smith and John Porcellino pick some favorite comics from 2012.

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