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January 2, 2014

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

* Christina Blanch is offering a free on-line course, "Social Issues Through Comic Books." As I recall, her previous comics-related course was extremely popular.

image* B. Kliban books are almost never seen anymore, but they were dominant in the homes of my parents' friends in the 1970s -- along with that Amphigorey book and maybe one or two Peter Arnos or a James Thurber, it was one comics publication nearly everyone in our neighborhood. had. He was genuinely funny, and drew wonderfully; I don't know why his isn't a bigger presence in aesthetic organizations of comics history. It might be the humor thing; we're mean to funny people. It could be that his rights situation was difficult in a way that has kept him from being re-presented to newer audiences.

* that is still good advice, by the way. "Whack Your Porcupine" is a better title, though, I think.

* David Brothers on Slam Dunk. Bob Temuka on Fury: My War Gone By. Sean Gaffney on Summer Wars Vol. 2. Michael Buntag on Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Vol. 5. Paul O'Brien on Savage Wolverine #12-13. Johanna Draper Carlson on Sankarea: Undying Love Vol. 3 and Vinland Saga Vol. 1. Richard Bruton on Primates and Dogs Of War.

* I have no comment on this. I suppose it's fun for someone, but mostly I'm just... bored, maybe? I don't know. What's there to say?

* these are the books that sell at Comix Experience. These are the comics that sell at Comix Experience.

* finally, Tucker Stone pens a sweet love letter of sorts to Carl Barks' duck comics.
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