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January 3, 2010

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

* nothing much that's new in the incident Friday where a 28-year-old Somali man hacked his way into Kurt Westergaard's home, forcing the Danish Muhammad Cartoons cartoonist into a panic room with his five-year-old grandchild, after which the Somali national was shot and wounded and charged upon leaving the house subsequent to failing to penetrate the reinforced door of said panic room. With his axe. There are potential links to Al-Qaida in addition to the radical Somali group Danish authorities knew about before the attack. That same article has quotes from Westergaard. Other random details are expected to emerge. Danish polish are considering around-the-clock protection.

image* in happier news, Ken Parille has written a fine, lengthy appreciation of Ivan Brunetti's January 8, 2007 cover for The New Yorker.

* Sean Kleefeld looks at the original League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. Didn't King Features have one or two animated crossovers in the 1970s banding all the characters together against a specific threat? Like maybe they were all captured and brought to an island? I seem to remember something with Snuffy Smith and Popeye.

* not comics: Daniel Frank was nice enough to write in and remind me that the animated show I dimly remembered whereby the King Features cartoon characters teamed up was 1972's Popeye Meets The Man Who Hated Laughter. They should do that again. Thanks, Daniel.

* Tom Bondurant looks at the Wednesday comics-buying ritual and suggests that it may be weirder and more special than commonly thought.

* happy anniversary to the Robot 6 blog.

* recordings from the Women In Comics conference at Cambridge are now available.

* Danny Hellman is offering his Typhon anthology at a discount.

image* the writer, editor, occasional comics critic Gil Roth has listed his favorite comics of the '00s. They are:
* Jaime Hernandez's body of work (Mostly Fantagraphics, 2000-2009)
* Kevin Huizenga's body of work (Various Publishers, 2000-2009)
* Safe Area Gorazde / The Fixer, Joe Sacco (Fantagraphics, 2000 / Drawn and Quarterly 2001)
* Achewood, Chris Onstad (Webcomics, 2001-2009)
* Ice Haven, Dan Clowes (Fantagraphics, 2001; Pantheon, 2005)
* Fred The Clown, Roger Langridge (Fantagraphics, 2004)
* Louis Riel, Chester Brown (D&Q, 2004)
* The Death Ray, Dan Clowes (Fantagraphics, 2004)
* All-Star Superman, Grant Morrison & Frank Quitely (DC, 2005-2008)
* Wimbledon Green, Seth (D&Q, 2005)
* Don't Go Where I Can't Follow / The End #1, Anders Nilsen (D&Q, 2006 / Fantagraphics-Coconino, 2007)
* I Killed Adolf Hitler, Jason (Fantagraphics, 2007)
* Asterios Polyp, David Mazzuchelli (Pantheon, 2009)
* Essex County Trilogy, Jeff Lemire (Top Shelf, 2009)
* George Sprott: 1894-1975, Seth (D&Q, 2009)
* The Book of Genesis, R Crumb (WW Norton, 2009)
Roth has write-ups on each selection and several graphs on how he agonized over the "new work"/"collected work" quandary, so I hope you'll read the posting through the first link.

* missed it: one-day passes for Saturday attendance of Comic-Con International are already sold out. Fridays should go pretty soon.

* I enjoyed this Noah Van Sciver-cartooned interview with Gary Groth.

* finally, just because it's no longer Christmas doesn't mean the holiday gift-giving goodness has stopped: here's one straight from God and Menahem Golan. I love me some Ed Brubaker Captain America, but Ed's never written anything as funny as the movie Cap faking the pukes and snaking Ned Beatty out of his car.
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