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January 3, 2013

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

* I would imagine without even having read it yet that the must-read on the comics Internet right now is Matt Thorn's obituary for Keiji Nakazawa. I appreciate the way TCJ has broken into its self-imposed holiday break to run that article; it's a sign of respect to an important industry figure and artist.

* but I might be wrong, because there's a really enjoyable-looking article from Michael Cavna about Richard Thompson here, that I also have yet to read.

* and then it turns out I probably am all-the-way-wrong, as both of these fine articles previously mentioned are joined by the fact that the Bryan and Mary Talbot effort Dotter Of Her Father's Eyes has won the Costa 2012 biography prize. My congratulations to them. It's not like you can go wrong spending time with any of those articles/posts, or, heck, any of the following.

image* Chris Mautner talks to Jim Woodring. JK Parkin talks to Joe Casey.

* speaking of the Talbots, Bryan Talbot made this list of best not-new books for 2012.

* here's an interesting blog post on the notion that gets floated in a lot of art forms that it's somehow the responsibility of existing commercial art-makers to discover and develop new talent, which is usually a notion held by people that think they will be one of those new talents if they just get that chance. It's dismissed with even-handed grace. I remember a friend of mine working for a big record company that stopped taking tapes (okay, okay, I'm old) from people and the furor this caused. My friend explained that really, if you wanted to sign with that company, you'd start having the effect locally you wanted to have nationally and they'd notice you that way. You don't need anyone's permission to make comics; it's not easy, and it's not always possible to do so the way you might like it, but it's a very achievable thing in terms of those opportunities across the spectrum of all the arts.

* here are your kids and young adults category nominees in something called the Cybils, which look a collective bloggers' award.

* the comments thread under this notice of broadly-criticized convention organizer Rick Olney's passing fascinates me.

* Robot 6 turned four and instead of doling out the plastic dinosaurs and cake they posted a bunch of content. Since I look at all other on-line efforts as The Enemy, I sort of see Robot 6 as the Legion Of Doom, which mostly means I get to indulge in a fantasy they're all working in some sort of skull-shaped spaceship out in a swamp.

* I love the relative luxuriousness of this article about an artist and a publisher coming to an amiable parting-of-the-ways.

* Bart Croonenborghs on Barrel Of Monkeys. Alan Gardner on The Art Of Tony Auth.

* I don't know if I'm on time for this post, but a charity issue of a comic book is always worth noting.

* mainstream-oriented industry observers Tom Bondurant and Carla Hoffman talk the year in comics (1, 2). One thing that's nice about eavesdropping on that kind of conversation is that Tom and Carla will make more natural connections to things outside of that realm than a lot of us that come at those comics from a place of other comics might.

* speaking of folks with unique, shared perspective talking to one another: Matt Kindt and Brian Wood.

* here's a master list of comics selections for 2012 from ComicsAlliance. I really want to do a list this year after not having done one for 2010 (various mental health issues) and 2011 (almost a-dyin'), as I find the list-making exercises out there I've read thus far intriguing both for themselves and for what they stay about the state of comics.

* finally, here are mostly attractive, mostly young people reading various Fantagraphics offerings. I was asked to participate, but I could not find my copy of Crack Whore (Mom had it).
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