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January 3, 2014

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

* there are still four and maybe five holiday interviews to run; sorry about that. You get one more day of positive stories because my New Year's Resolutions are to finish things I start and to compete on American Ninja Warrior. Then I go back to the interviews. It will all be normal next week when I get to regular posting about whatever stupid shit someone's doing to poor Dan Clowes.

image* a lot of the Marvel superheroes as done in the 1970s lacked in sophistication, but I think they still communicated to kids in a way that I'm not sure was always present from about 1984-on. Until then, the core concepts still came through. One result of this fealty is that when a character as limited as the Hulk went on an adventure for a few issues he was usually just sort of pulled along into a lot of stuff the temporary, supporting characters were up to. I'm not sure I see that at all anymore, where the kind of writing people learn to do tends to mean characters are filled with agency. I'm not even saying the old way of doing it was a bad thing; it was just different. It was sort of like the way a really popular supporting character worked on a TV show when they started to hit with the audience. The Fonz may have received the biggest audience applause, but he was pulled into the goings-on of three dopey teenagers instead of doing stuff on his own, at least for a few years.

* speaking of the green goliath, I was super-obsessed -- for a day or so -- with figuring out this Hulk artist-by-initials chart when I was a kid. Things were tough for nerdy, curious children before the Internet.

* Dana Jennings on Society Is Nix. David Brothers on Bleach.

* the Cap's Kooky Quartet no one talks about.

* everyone remember this picture when Van Sciver's back goes out.

* Janelle Asselin profiles Julia Nikitina. Ben Schwartz profiles Al Capp.

* finally, Zak Sally returns with the second part of the history he's penning about his imprint, La Mano Press.
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