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January 3, 2018

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

* publisher 2dcloud has announced it is breaking ties with Blaise Larmee, citing its lack of tolerance for "inappropriate and predatory behavior." Their most recent work with the cartoonist will be last, and they have pulped existing inventory. Larmee was the signature artist for that publisher in a lot of ways and I believe had a formal creative director title at the time of the relationship's dissolve.

image* Todd Klein on Newsboy Legion - Boy Commandos Special. Tegan O'Neil on Morton: A Cross-Country Journey. Sally Ingraham on X-Men: Grand Design #1.

* here are the best 2017 cartoons from Warren Brown, Andy Marlette and Signe Wilkinson.

* congratulations to Réal Bérard.

* David Owen profiles Sean Tejaratchi. Hillary Brown talks to Ben Marra. Sean Edgar talks to Chris Claremont and Ed Piskor. Steve Foxe talks to Mark Russell and Matt Feehan.

* here are the best comics from 2017 according to The Beat.

* finally: here's Joe McCulloch's best of 2017.
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