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January 4, 2013

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

* whoa, Jacques Tardi.

* Michael Cavna notes that the NCS has split its webcomics divisional awards category into short- and long-form designations.

image* Brigid Alverson has posted a comic form Dylan Williams, The Story Of Hank Williams.

* Bob Temuka on some old Bronze Age comics. Henry Chamberlain on Batman, Inc. #6.

* Corey Blake wonders when comics will get serious about a union/guild/whatever.

* Chris Ware talks about his Newtown-related cover for The New Yorker.

* I'm at the point where I'm just sort of randomly collecting Best-Of and related lists. I sometimes wonder if a single comic was published in 2012 that didn't make some list somewhere. Okay, I'm sure there are comics that haven't, but it seems like a really significant spread of both these lists and the comics on them. I don't have any opinion on whether that's a good thing or not, but it's a thing. Here's what is in my bookmarks folder: Richard Bruton, Four Colors And The Truth, AV Club, Buzz Dixon, someone racking books at the McNally Jackson in NYC, Alec Reads Comics, CBR,, iFanboy, comiks debris and Comics Bulletin. The second to last one there is probably closest to my own sensibility.

* Heidi MacDonald would like you to know how to keep reading The Beat.

* I nearly missed this pretty New Year's greeting from Lewis Trondheim. Here are some Christmas cards from various cartoonists.

* 50 Watts shows love to Barrel Of Monkeys.

* Paul Gravett profiles Sergio Toppi.

* Jon Gorga picks his best... of 2011.

* hey, a big run of The Gumps. Nice.

* Jeff Trexler explains how a recent settlement in Smallville-related litigation may relate to ongoing, wider legal action regarding the family of the original creators of Superman-related things.

* finally, on-line reviewing veteran Don MacPherson walks through 2012, awards-style.
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