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January 4, 2014

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

* if I'm reading this correctly, Scott Edelman is a free agent.

image* there is an entire generation of comics readers -- maybe two, maybe three -- for whom a very specific kind of Peanuts paperback was a ubiquitous childhood presence. One of the things about the Complete Peanuts publishing program -- and I looooooovve those books -- is that it marks the ending of one kind of reading relationship and the beginning of another in the same way that, say, moving certain sporting events from broadcast to cable television might. How this changes, no one will know for years yet. It probably won't have to do with any of the weird specifics of these paperbacks, like trying to figure out the overlapping printing from a kids perspective, where certain strips were "from."'

* here's an overview of Michael DeForge's mini-tour.

* the writer Jim Zub writes at some remove of his participation in a publishing news story that had an embarrassing aspect for him.

* Dave Richards talks to Charles Soule. Chris Arrant talks to Gregory Benton. Tim O'Shea talks to Ales Kot.

* that is one adorable Red Sonja-related graphic. I realized looking at this the first time that I have no connection to this character whatsoever beyond a rough understanding of the seedy high-concept elements. I have to imagine there's an entire narrative forced to the character in this current incarnation that all sorts of people enjoy, but I've completely missed out.

* what Comics Dungeon sold in 2013. Wallingford 4-ever.

* it's 2 AM as I'm typing this and I can't remember which person is the "Guttergeek" person -- is it Jared Gardner? -- but here is a review of Pachyderme. Mark Squirek wrote about the color Mickey Mouse slipcase.

* finally, JHU Comics profiled.

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