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January 8, 2009

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

* new columnist at the Pakistan Daily Times. This would likely never happen in the US, and yet it's in the US that the newspaper industry is reeling and sick. Just sayin'.

image* it looks like yesterday's reports that Mike Peters was being sued by Fedecafe, the Colombian National Coffee Growers' Federation is a "is about to be sued" story rather than a "has been sued" story. The group objects to a cartoon in a series of cartoons that seemed to be stringing together bizarre food myths that indicated pieces of Juan Valdez might have been put into coffee by crime lords. Peters has released a statement through I believe the Associated Press that he meant no offense.

As I recall, the last time an American entertainment figure was sued by a food industry we ended up with Dr. Phil, so this story greatly worries me.

* I have no idea what this is, but it's awesome-looking.

* the New York Comic-Con has their programming schedule up.'s pre-weekend business overview seminar is the must-attend event of these shows, but there seem to be a few items of interest sprinkled throughout as well. Someone should sit down and figure out just how the Internet has changed convention programming, because I think it has radically done so but I'm not sure how. I know that for me but also some of my less focused on comics every day of their lives friends, my interest in seeing yet another discussion of certain issues or the presentation certain companies might make on upcoming books seems less vital than it used to be because you have that information available to you on-line. So a lot about what draws me to any panel these days is access to certain and the event qualities (whether the speakers are funny, say) of the presentation. Just a thought.

* finally, the writers Leigh Walton and Laura Hudson debut a blog devoted to reading and commenting on all 300 issues of Dave Sim's Cerebus. I find this interesting for reasons removed from the male/female make-up of the contributors and what that might mean for future issues, or even what little I've read of either writer's past critical analysis. The first thing that's interesting to me is taking on Cerebus as a series of comic books, which might be odd to some people given how much Sim stresses its singular narrative identity and how most people who buy it now are doing so in trade form. I prefer to see it that way, too. The second is that Walton and Hudson are both relatively very young -- younger than Cerebus, in fact -- and that will likely shape how they see a lot of factors, especially those early on. For example, I'm pretty certain their discussion of the first issue lacks significant mention of dominant artistic influence Barry Windsor-Smith, which is the first place a lot of people my age would go.
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