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January 8, 2014

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

* yeah, I've also always wondered about the conception of writing as a spirit to be summoned into existence. I think it may come from two different places. One is that some writers feel that writing should be immensely pleasurable, perhaps because that kind of creativity started out as an enjoyable contrast to school work and other things; another is that there is a mythology to writing and one of its major aspects is writing an elevated state. The other weird thing is that when you're doing a lot of writing, you never think about doing a lot of writing. You're just doing stuff.

image* Rob Clough on Real Good Stuff #1-2. Andrew White on Rolling Stock.

* there is to be a new series called Don't Be A Dick.

* someone pointed out to me that the Searle In America site has had a bunch of art up in recent months just showing stuff being sold through the exhibit.

* not comics: I don't really follow the various Marvel movie and TV efforts, but I found the one episode of the SHIELD-related TV show I saw in a hotel room pretty excruciating. At the same time, it seemed a prime candidate for that new tradition of extending the life of TV shows by reforming them in the light of what the hardcore fandom wants; this sounds like that process has begun. I would imagine a significant degree of difficulty with a show like that is found in the fact the "universe" is underdeveloped because superhero movies are mostly about the early days of superheroing as opposed to the well-worn, developed time periods -- a show about secret agents operating in that world would seem to work better at a much later stage of "world development." Also, the show I saw didn't seem well-executed on any level, really, beyond the sturdiness of its veteran cast members.

* I don't think I've ever seen this picture of a kid reading newsstand comics, and I thought by now I'd seen most of them.

* John Porcellino will partner with SAW to present a class in Chicago the week after CAKE. I hope I get to take a class from Porcellino someday.

* finally, if my Dad were still alive and found out through me that there were Emergency! comics, there would be no rest for anyone until he had read them all. Seriously, that show was created in a test tube for every manly interest my dad had; I was always afraid if I slept too soundly he'd try to restart my heart with those shock-paddles they employed in every other episode.
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