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January 10, 2013

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

* Strange Adventures is moving. That's one of the best shops.

image* here's an article with a bunch of original art scans. If you have some sort of fetish that involves pasted-up logos, this is the post for you.

* the good folks at Robot 6 tug at a story about an embezzler that converted some of that cash into expensive comic books. It's surprising this kind of thing doesn't happen a lot given the difficulty authorities might have in tracing such items, although I guess converting comics back into cash would be a potential chore. Also, you can't really count on a same-amount return.

* Gil Roth talks to Ron Rosenbaum (not comics). Solvej Schou talks to Jaime Hernandez. Justin Skinner talks to Dave Lapp.

* well, that's nice.

* Jason covers Love And Rockets.

* Chris Arrant recommends the Kenneth Rocafort sketch blog.

* Greg Capullo, defined.

* the veteran writer John Ostrander suggests that a freelancer's life is a life without a net. That is not a pleasant article to read despite its genial tone.

* Timothy Callahan on Nexus.

* I like that when jobs open up in comics and you read about them it sometimes doesn't sound like a job anyone could be doing in comics.

* me sending people to The Oatmeal is like me trying to fill up the Pacific Ocean by taking a whiz in it during one of the San Diego beach parties, but here you go.

* finally, I've always loved this Kirby page. Karkas 4-ever.
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