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January 11, 2018

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

image* Todd Klein on The Middle Age Book Two. Andy Oliver on Maestros #1-3 and Out Of Nothing. Sean Gaffney on Sword Art Online Volume Twelve: Alicization Rising. Todd Klein on The Flash #24. John Seven on The Case Of The Missing Men. Tegan O'Neil on Sugar Town. Carta Monir on I'm Not Here.

* the groovy site person has some comics they want collected.

* i like this early-'00s Michael Chabon essay about Jack Kirby's Big Barda that someone re-posted -- I like Big Barda, too. I will point out that Thundra was Marvel's version, and that by their writers aiming that character's affection at The Thing, Marvel made a whole different group of kids nervous that wouldn't grow up to look like Chabon.

* Shawn Rogers profiles Dan Wright.

* finally: Ben Towle writes about some of the many things that delighted him in 2017.
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