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January 14, 2013

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

* the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund announced last week that Jennifer L. Holm -- best known for the Babymouse series -- will join that group's Board of Directors. Sean Kleefeld has some related commentary here. That's a good move for the Fund.

image* Jay W. Babcock talks to Ron Regé Jr.

* not comics: Darryl Cunningham-decorated luggage. That's pretty great-looking.

* whoa, check out this fancily-designed, cool-ass handmade comic. And kudos to Josh Frankel for making a donation to the Dylan Williams Collection.

* The Comics Journal had a curious and intermittently hostile relationship with the now cancelled Comics Buyer's Guide. Gary details an early encounter here. TCJ parent company Fantagraphics is offering a discount to stranded subscribers here.

* go, look: the Peanuts family tree. At least I think people can see that one. Not so sure about Jeff LeVine's holiday bonus haul.

* not comics: the very talented cartoonist and illustrator Eleanor Davis was recently recognized by the Society of Illustrators with one of those tiered awards things I can never quite figure out. Not hard to figure out that's super good-looking work.

* finally, if all of Art Spiegelman's New Yorker covers predict the future, we're in for a wild ride.
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