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January 15, 2014

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

* according to this evidence and my memory of the time period, Mindy Kaling was the only colledge cartoonist that wasn't the subject of a massive on-campus protest of some sort.

image* Alex Dueben talks to Chris Claremont. Rob McMonigal talks to Matt Moses. Angela Jann talks to Left Handed Sophie. Rob Bricken talks to Scott Allie.

* Kieron Gillen writes about influences on the Young Avengers series that a number of people have enjoyed so much.

* Calvin Reid writes about a comics-related art show at Rutgers.

* this is a very attractive superhero comic book cover from Marcos Martin. I'm confused as to why they're relaunching Spider-Man again, but I guess there's enough of a response to that kind of thing sales-wise in that market that even Spider-Man has to pull that particular trick.

* Aaron Nelson on Mengelmoes #1. Richard Bruton on Dangeritis: A Fistful Of Danger. Ian Stephen on Minimum Wage #1. Vince Ostrowski on Minimum Wage #1. Dana Jennings on various newspaper-related comics. Rob McMonigal on The Stolen Lovelight. Greg Baldino on a pair of comics projects. Micah Mattix talks to Julian Peters.

* Brent Anderson draws Ka-Zar and gang.

* finally, Gene Demby on race and identity issues in superhero comic books.
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