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January 16, 2014

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

* this is the comic that was written by newly-minted Academy Award nominee John Ridley, and congratulations to him. At least I don't think he's been nominated before and a lot of his work hasn't been the kind of movie that receives that consideration.

* Michael Kupperman and David Rees will be doing comics for the New York Times every other week and I could only be happier if it were every week.

image* the cartoonist Dave Kellett would like a word.

* not comics: I've had three different groups of Facebook friends comment on this, which I guess is best defined as the notion that modern culture is ephemeral because young people are stupid and self-absorbed. I don't have any interest in the latter notion and suspect it is true, but I do think that if you being seen as current or whatever is important to you it's good to remember that not only do people process things more quickly now there's enough stuff that they don't have the veneration of the past -- the idea that we missed a bunch of stuff -- that kids of the 1970s and 1980s had. Me, I'll stick with jokes about Fibber McGee's Closet and "Dear Alex And Annie."

* Chris Mautner talks to Paul Pope. David Dissanayake talks to Brandon Graham.

* Jefferson Machamer is one of comics' all-time best names.

* this is a wonderful story about the push and pull of publishing through a big media company, even with the reduced stakes and relative lack of cross-platform sophistication you saw a couple of decades ago.

* that friend of Bully John DiBello wrote a bit on Miracleman here; The Beat and its readers have their say here. I'm still a bit unmoored when it comes to figuring out the culture's general take on this material being republished. For instance I find odd the thought that all of the legal battles surrounding the character are part of the publishing story rather than this horrific distraction and roll around in the stupidity sty; I literally had not thought about that at all, that there would be a "finally, we get these comics back" outcome to those shenanigans. It seems like it should do very well for them. Alan Moore is a first-class comic creator and all of the people that worked on that book are talented.

* not comics: Kali Ciesemier and Eleanor Davis write about pies.

* Oliver Sava and Matt D. Wilson on a bunch of different comics. Jacob Covey on Very Casual. Rob Clough on a pair of new comics.

* finally, Craig Fischer on the portrayal of female character in the BPRD comics.
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