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January 17, 2014

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

* the great Bob Levin on Guy Colwell.

image* if you live to be a hundred, you will still enjoy this Poohdickery index.

* Kiel Phegley talks to Michel Fiffe. Tim O'Shea talks to Chris Roberson and Dennis Culver. Blake Hennon talks to Scott Snyder. Eva Volin talks to Andrew Aydin. Chris Sims talks to Mark Waid. Peter Howard talks to Omar Francia.

* not comics: there is probably some sort of lesson for comics in how well tabletop games have done with crowd-funding, but I can't figure one out that isn't super-obvious.

* the retailer and industry advocate Brian Hibbs writes about operating a second store.

* Tom Bondurant writes about a new DC Secret Origins title as a way to clean up the confusing continuity of the post "New 52" universe in which that company's stories are placed. I would imagine that it could be a useful tool for that if this is actually a goal they decide to pursue with seriousness. I know that kind of thing sounds fussy and odd, but I do remember that as a youth and a younger teen, the time in my life I bought the most superhero comics I would ever buy, this kind of stuff would have discouraged me right out of buying them.

* Jim Johnson on Batgirl #27. Evan Henry on EGOs #1. Paul Buhle on The Best Of Wonder Wart-Hog.

* not comics: they didn't already have these?

* finally, King Features puts on display photos of a wide array of work areas used by their cartoonists.
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