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January 28, 2013

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

* hey, these guys raised over $1000 for the Hero Initiative by blogging. Good on them.

* the folks at Robot 6 caught that Challengers Comics turned an adjacent space into a kids comics boutique.

image* Milo George talks to Arthur Jones. That one's really good. Emily Nilsson talks to Tim Goodyear. Sean Kleefeld profiles Frans Masereel. The PictureBox site throws the spotlight on Leon Sadler.

* hey, it's awards you can vote in.

* Matt Bors reminds of one thing that's wrong with newspapers that's wrong with a lot of businesses right now. As I've written a bunch of times, I think newspapers are pretty screwed as a model and we're really only finding out where things settle as opposed to combatting any of those issues. That many newspapers continue to be saddled with ownership that wants to pump as much profit as possible out of these entities quarter to quarter seems to me like putting someone with a weak heart on a treadmill, but I have basically no business sense.

* what Peter David's days are like, at least until mid-month.

* Fantagraphics is on Instagram now.

* Zainab on Freddy Stories. Ng Suat Tong on The Heart Of Thomas. Steve Bissette on Horror Comics In Black And White. Rob Clough on a bunch of different comics. Bob Temuka on Sweet Tooth. John Kane on a bunch of different comics. Sean Gaffney on Don't Disturb Me And Him, Please. Brian Gardes on Bad Breath Comics #5. Michael Buntag on Superior Spider-Man #1.

* finally, I hope Kenny Penman continues to feel better.
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