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January 21, 2013

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

image* David Brothers on Milo Manara Vs. Frank Cho.

* Sean Gaffney on The Disappearance Of Nagato Yuki-Chan Vol. 3. Zainab on Sumo. Rob Clough on a smattering of comics related to parenting. Bob Temuka on Fables. John Kane on a bunch of different comics.

* sometimes I wish someone would steal some of my comics.

* go, look: a really cute picture of the Metamorpho cast by Fred Hembeck.

* not comics exactly but holy crap.

* Kiel Phegley talks to Scott Snyder. MB Reilly profiles Carol Tyler.

* I'm not sure I'm at all familiar with the work of Bill Crawford.

* Colleen Doran would like you to know that you shouldn't give up, particularly if you think your work is really, really good. I think that's mostly true in comics. I think comics does a better job than most arts industries of finding and using the super-talented people, if not always to their best advantage. Put it to you like this: I'd rather put on a version of Uncle Vanya with the best actors currently not working at all than fill an anthology with the best cartoonists not working at all.

* Rob Delaney on Phoebe Gloeckner; Gloeckner is one of the best cartoonists.

* Sam Costello on micro-publishing.

* Gary Brookins remembers Chris Cassatt.

* this isn't comics at all, but I'm a total sucker for old advertisements.

* Dominic Umile on obituary writing and how it informs Daytripper.

* finally, Bob Temuka talks distribution.
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