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January 22, 2013

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

* hey, they're going to be comics-blogging for charity here. That's nice.

image* I think I tweeted this but forgot to mention it here: Robert Clough did a lengthy interview with Chuck Forsman about Oily Comics. I'm a fan of all the proper nouns in that last sentence. Amanda Verwey talks to Janelle Hessig. Paul Gravett remembers Les Coleman.

* not comics: here's a cool-looking Pat Moriarity poster for sale. I guess this is pretty cool-looking, too, although I'm only vaguely aware of what it is and have no idea what it's doing in my bookmarks.

* speaking of things I'm not sure why I have them, here's a page that I'm guessing links to a bunch of dubiously-attained scans of the Howard The Duck newspaper strip. I'm not really into giving out links like that, but I must have thought it important for some reason. I will trust that reason.

* Doctor Francisco is the major new character find of 2013.

* CCS students read comics and comics-related books.

* totally missed this.

* Henrik Bromander on My Friend Dahmer. Rob Clough on You'll Never Know. Grant Goggans on more of those Legion Of Super-Heroes comics. Michael Buntag on Avatar The Last Airbender: The Promise Part 3 and 47 Ronin #1-2. Matt Brady on Groo The Wanderer #63.

* here is Aron Nels Steinke's MLK Jr. Day strip.

* finally, J. Caleb Mozzocco tries to make some sense out of the "we're not re-launching everything" aspects of Marvel Now.
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