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January 22, 2014

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

* Tom Devlin is teaching a comics course this March: four classes.

image* Alex Toth critiques are always one of the great things of the comics internet, no matter when you come across them.

* Tony Millionaire draws Thor.

* I know there aren't a lot of photos of Steve Ditko because Jordan Raphael found a couple for the Stan Lee book we did a decade ago and they have since become ubiquitous on-line just for their relative rarity. Anyway, any new photo find in the Ditko category is worth noting.

* Alexandra Korcz talks to Matt Madden.

* not comics: Louisville will honor Hunter S. Thompson with art from Ralph Steadman.

* let's all go to the Wow-Cool store and buy some weird-ass comics.

* David Petersen shares some gaming art. It's always nice to see people present art like that because it reminds you how many different ways people are inspired to continue doing art.

* submissions are being sought for an all-girl comics anthology, Dirty Diamonds #5.

* Mike Lynch answers a really good question: does selling cartoon work become easier over time? The answer sounds like might become easier but it never gets easy.

* always happy to see a John Thompson drawing. Ditto unpublished Jaime Hernandez.

* not comics: I always suspected this.

* I'm sympathetic to the idea that a bunch of folks are somehow ignoring Archie Comics, but I actually think this isn't true, I think they've be covered to death recently in all the ways that a company like that can be covered. Part of that is what they've been up to, which is a more active engagement with the comics market. Part of that is that when Alex Segura was there he had contacts in comics coverage that have provided a fine template for them to follow even after he left. Part of it is that there's an explosion of interest in comics both generally (Archie can drive mainstream-publication coverage) and going deep (sites want to drive eyeballs and one way to do that is with a lot of articles).

* finally, I would imagine Megan Kelso to be a very good teacher.
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