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January 22, 2018

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

image* Paul Tumey surveys a bunch of comics, including the latest Art Young collection.

* creators Kurt Busiek and Erik Larsen are having something of a sprawling Twitter argument about what might be needed in terms of narrative/concept tweaks to give a Fantastic Four comic the best chance to find an audience. I think that's a hard task; I think Marvel provided the Lee/Kirby team with some fine creators over the last ten years of their serial run. I think a lot of superhero comics would be improved by crawling out of their own asses a bit, tell exciting adventure stories without making them commentary on "the brand" of the title, but that's just me.

* I bookmarked this story about Stan Lee being swindled when it came out, but thought it worth posting again as he's been charged -- at least publicly, if not legally -- with harassment.

* finally: I believe the creators here and in almost every case like this: it's not exactly comics, but be warned there are people who hover around at all levels of creative endeavor that will take money from you that you almost certainly deserve. Be careful out there.
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