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January 23, 2013

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

* so Rob Liefeld wrote a script for an Image Comics and cast it the way you and I cast things when we're driving around in the car and life is pretty good.

image* Michael Buntag on The Massive #7 and Mara #1. Rob Clough on a pair of comics. Brian Hibbs on a bunch of different comics. Sean Gaffney on A Bride's Story Vol. 4. Sean Kleefeld on the dark things in comics. Grant Goggans on Trifecta. J. Caleb Mozzocco on Fear Itself: Spider-Man.

* here is the writer Warren Ellis being interviewed. I laughed out loud when three seconds in his head went into his hands, but I haven't gotten much further yet. Here is the publisher Annie Koyama being interviewed.

* I think I won twitter yesterday. Only by my own standards, but still.

* IDW is hiring an editor.

* superior link-blogger Kevin Melrose on the Galesburg comics purge.

* the Billy Ireland Cartoon Library & Museum profiled.

* not comics: here's an oral history of The Pencil Factory.

* I really enjoyed this Matt Madden post on the struggles he's had getting down to work over in France. I liked the honesty of that confession, but I also liked the overwhelmingly positive nature of the post. The glimpse into Lewis Trondheim as a kind of friendly instigator is very appealing as well.

* I'm not sure where I found this post about Terry Gilliam's early cartoons, so my apologies to whomever sent it or had it first. Shouldn't we have a giant Terry Gilliam art and cartoons book by now?

* finally, Katherine Dacey is selling some of her manga.
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