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January 24, 2013

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

* the good folks at Columbia University have announced two new acquisitions. Giving stuff to libraries is the new lending that person that sits next to you in study hall a Sandman trade.

image* I missed this visual reminiscence of 2012.

* not comics: this guy loves books. There's probably a really good post to be had by someone about how comics specifically works as a pushback against aspects of digital book culture, but it would have to be a pretty nuanced take to be of value. Me, I like to read some books digitally and I like to read some books on paper. The books I value most I continue to prefer to read on paper.

* this is the most difficult comics-related contest I've ever seen, and it's totally legit.

* Mary Ann Gwinn on The Carter Family. Mark Squirek on Pogo Vol. 2.

* not comics: I have zero interest in things like television pilots as a thing in and of themselves -- nothing against them, either, but I don't feel they automatically should be included as comics news when there's so much actual comics news to discuss. But there is a construction whereby people who make comics, particularly of a certain kind, are very interested in having media deals. There's also some evidence that the right kind of media effort can indeed drive people to the comics themselves. This may be extra-important because sometimes the deal can be better for the creator or creators to sell 100,000 comics than to have four million people watch an episode of the show based on that comic. So when a company I'm not always used to seeing have stuff in development has stuff in development, that could have an impact on that company. So something like this can be worth noting -- maybe it's not worth an endless series of articles, though.

* finally, Chad Essley and John McAfee will be interviewed today about The Hinterland. (via Steve Lieber)
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