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January 24, 2014

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

* I'm not sure why it had to result in a protest and pulling of the material -- I'm probably just old-fashioned in that that particular action gives me the creeps -- but doing a cover of signify-as-sexualized versions of little girl heroes does indeed seem like a terrible idea.

image* Gary Groth talks to Ed Sorel. Carl Antonowicz talks to Rob Clough. Dave Richards talks to Nathan Edmondson and Phil Noto.

* not comics: Sean T. Collins has a lot of tumblr accounts. It's probably not referred to as "tumblr accounts." Not knowing what to do with one is plenty, thanks.

* huh.

* the answer to the classic trivia question, "Which Marvel character debuted on the cover of a Fantagraphic publication?"

* Bob Temuka on From Hell. Sean Gaffney on Attack On Titan Vol. 11. Grant Goggans on With Only Five Plums. J. Caleb Mozzocco on a bunch of different comics. Tucker Stone on My Friend Dahmer. Johanna Draper Carlson on Vinland Vol. 2. Richard Bruton on Missing: Have You Seen The Invisible Man?. Joe Gordon on March Book One. J. Caleb Mozzocco on FF.

* on Watterson, Schulz and snowmen.

* Frank Santoro drives around the Midwest and looks at old mini-comics.

* finally, Sean Kleefeld writes in brief about diversity on the newspaper page. My first thought in response to his question was Cory Thomas, for whatever that's worth.
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