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January 25, 2018

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

image* Tegan O'Neil on Days Of Hate #1.

* a lot of people are reading this long thread unpacking how Marvel screwed themselves on its own sales by basically manipulating their sales offerings for the short-term in a way that led to longer-term dissatisfaction and abandonment by fans and potential readers. It's an argument with which I generally agree -- and definitely its target, the dumb "too much liberal politics" argument -- although I might have a slightly different formula as to what weighed heavier than other factors, like the fact that some of the featured material seemed really awful to me. One thing to note: you can't say this self-sabotaging and bad-faith partnering on Marvel's part has ended or is in the past until there is actual policy change at the company for an extended period of time. It may take longer to fix than it took to break. One advantage is that the numbers are so low just in general in comics that you can surge past sales goals with something that hits content-wise even utilizing a disrupted, ragged system. One scenario for Marvel's immediate future is system repair and encouraging creators to turn in their swing-for-the-fences pitches.

* an unsurprising coda to the GLAAD noms story.

* finally, I failed to catch that Gil Roth at Virtual Memories recently featured Seymour Chwast!
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