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January 26, 2018

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

image* Sean Gaffney on orange: future.

* the second half of this Graydon Carter article where he writes about the magazine business is worth reading for Vanity Fair's role as the kind of Cadillac/Tiffany's/New York Yankees of that kind of publishing for the last quarter century. The rest of it depends on how you feel about Vanity Fair.

* hey, it's an I Kill Giants movie adaptation trailer. That comic remains very, very dear to a lot of its fans and I imagine there's a great chance an audience for the work in a different medium might feel the same way.

* they're considering the notion of doing contracts in comics form for the increased clarity, even though clarity isn't really inherent to the comics form and I imagine considering changing to any other media would have the same benefit of reconsideration.

* festivals extra: these Chris Anthony Diaz photo galleries are pretty great. I am cosplaying as a pile of laundry. Five or so of these are the best photos I've seen of the subject.

* finally: that's quite a poster.
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