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January 27, 2012

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

* if you're going to read one blog post today, make it Gary Tyrrell's write-up on R Stevens' recent sojourn into packaging books of his cartoons for various Internet platforms. If you're not a webcomics person, maybe try R Fiore's review of The Someday Funnies.

image* Jen Vaughn discusses the recent visit to the Center For Cartoon Studies by Paul Pope and Sam Hiti. Sarah McIntyre has a report up from Craig Thompson's visit to London.

* Graeme McMillan remembers being baffled by the Bill Sienkiewicz run on New Mutants.

* Bart Croonenborghs talks to RM Guéra. Someone at Study Group talks to Maré Odomo. Alex Fitch talks to Craig Thompson. Chris Sims talks to Paul Tobin. Michael Doran talks to James Robinson.

* Abhay Khosla finds some cool-looking Marshall Rogers art.

* Warren Ellis on Saga #1. Brian Cronin on Journey Into Mystery #93. Philip Shropshire on Wizzywig Vol. 2. J. Caleb Mozzocco on various comic book-type comics. Sean Gaffney on Short Cuts Vols. 1-2. Richard Bruton on Chloe Noonan Monster Hunter Colour Special. BK Munn on Comics Class.

* Daryl Cagle pulls out for notice a short collection of State Of The Union-related cartoons. It's always interesting to see how different cartoonists take on a subject like that one.

* not comics: is it too late to roll back piracy?

* also not comics: I'm not sure if it showed up on a prominent blog or what, but a couple of people in the last couple of days have sent me links to that Simpsons art reference Internet Classic.

* the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund announces its membership package and reveals its membership card for 2012.

* finally, I had no idea there was a Bizarro Joker.
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