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January 27, 2014

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

* this is a fun desert island comics article.

image* I keep forgetting to link to this game-over comic strip and surrounding mini-essay about the contributions of Bob Kane's original primary creative partner, Bill Finger.

* Oliver Sava writes in glowing terms about a couple of those Spider-Man comics where it's Doc Ock's brain in Spider-Man's body. The success of that storyline is sort of interesting to me because I imagine why it works is because of the strong storytelling contrasts the move makes possible, but my hunch is that a big reason fans gave that storyline a chance was less about its execution and more the old "this comic is doing something wrong/I must keep an eye on this comic" ploy.

* Larry Vossler on Life Zone and Sammy The Mouse. Joe Gordon on March Book One. Lauren Davis on Shadoweyes.

* Alan Davis drew Batman, Joker, Penguin. Mike Weiringo drew the original X-Men. Jaime Hernandez drew a lady on the subway. Jillian Tamaki drew a favorite movie scene from my youth. Jim Lee drew Iron Fist.

* I don't like linking to what I suspected are copyrighted stories, but the Gray Morrow art here is really, really handsome.

* MBS talks to Kevin Budnik.

* finally, I like all of the nouns in this story, most of all "Jack" and "Davis."
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