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January 28, 2014

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

* Jeet Heer accuses the new documentary on Herblock of over-praising the cartoonist.

image* the Service Industry work of T. Edward Bak profiled at Sparkplug.

* Michael Bround examines a specific scene in the second Stumptown series.

* Rob Clough on Hagelbarger And The Nightmare Goat. D. Harlan Wilson on Magic Words. Polka on Eye Of The Majestic Creature. Cory Doctorow on Bad For You.

* the writer Kelly Sue DeConnick takes on the question as to why so many comics-makers have ended up in Portland, and pretty much nails the reasons why so many comics-makers live in Portland: they can live anywhere, Portland is a place a lot of people want to live, it's cheaper than some other awesome places to live, and the people there are nice. This reminds me once again I need to update the local scenes post.

* not exactly comics: someone is compiling a resource of interviews with 'zine-makers. That seems like a good thing to do.

* Johanna Draper Carlson made a best of 2013 list and this is here to remind me to put it in the Collective Memory in addition to having you go read it.

* I keep wanting to run this profile of Eddie Campbell's Alec stories, but I keep forgetting. That's the easiest-to-buy-discounted great comic of the 20th Century, right there.

* Chris Mautner talks to Kevin Scalzo. Andrea Tsurumi talks to Connie Sun. Alex Fitch talks to the aforementioned Kelly Sue DeConnick. Tim O'Shea talks to Jimmie Robinson.

* Paul Smith draws Wolverine.

* finally, this is a nice on-line publication of that great Robert Crumb print.
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