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January 29, 2018

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

image* Tegan O'Neil on Spy Seal Volume One: The Corten-Steel Phoenix. John Seven on Red Winter. Todd Klein on March Book Two. Sean Gaffney on Infinite Dendrogram: Franklin's Game.

* Michael Cavna on Ann Telnaes and her Trump's ABC.

* Ethan Varian talks to Ed Steed.

* kudos to Joaquin Phoenix for realizing how thoroughly John Callahan was influenced by Sam Gross instead of growing straight out of nature.

* RL Cragg is profiled with a focus on his Hunter Thompson-related cartoons and comics.

* finally: here's a profile of the great Jules Feiffer that asks if he's the greatest living cartoonist. I don't think so, but he's up there.
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