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January 30, 2013

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

* the Glyph Comics Awards submissions deadline is hurtling towards us at light speed.

image* Lauren Davis on Satan's Soldier. Ales Kot on West Coast Blues. Jeff Lester on Dreadstar Omnibus Vol. 1. Rob Clough on Big Fat Little Lit. Michael Buntag on Adventure Time With Fionna And Cake #1.

* the writer Warren Ellis takes a walk through some of his favorite covers from the Planetary series. The last one he spotlights is a really, really good one. Speaking of covers, I also like this one.

* go, stare/soak in: Zadie Smith and Chris Ware.

* I never buy original comics art, but I bought a page from Jess Johnson's Etsy store sale of work from her mid-1990s Jeff Johnson period. Johnson's pages from that period are really beautiful. I got one of the super-porno ones, in fact my favorite page of comics porno from the 1990s. Anyway, this stuff is super-cheap; consider this a "Comics By Request" extra as Johnson is currently unemployed.

* Sean Kleefeld talks about his comics-tribute map project.

* I like this Steve Epting drawing of Doctor Strange.

* some anonymous person talks to Chris Ryall.

* finally, Alec Longstreth won't be going to Angouleme this year -- for the best reason imaginable, but also for a slightly scary one, timing-wise. All best wishes to that couple moving forward.
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