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February 1, 2013

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

* it's Hourly Comic Day.

image* Laura Sneddon talks to Mike Carey. Alex Dueben talks to Max Allan Collins. Sandra Beasley talks to Dean Haspiel.

* he hates it when that happens.

* not comics: three nice pieces from Eleanor Davis.

* here's a video from the older member of Team Axe Cop that offers instructions to help him get married.

* so I guess there's a small-press guy tussling with Marvel/DC legal over use of the word "superhero"? That's one of those legal things that seems super-aggravating but that also seems like it wouldn't exist in a perfect world (those companies jointly owning the term and keeping folks from using it).

* Marc Mason went to that show in Arizona and has three posts on it.

* I think I totally missed this interview from late 2012 with Simon Hanselmann.

* Leslie Stein is doing art for a story by Michael DeForge. That's the kind of thing that would usually run in "Bundled," but I liked it enough I couldn't wait on it. Plus you get to stare at some Leslie Stein art.

* I'd like to become friends with that kid from College Park, Maryland.

* finally, a video profile from the BBC about The Phantom.
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