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February 1, 2018

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

image* Sean Gaffney on RWBY. Meredith Harris and Kyle Thompson on various comics.

* not comics: this is a super-adorable story about Garry Trudeau that I don't think I was aware existed.

* Debkumar Mitra profiles Chandi Lahiri.

* here's a brief profile of Charles Johnson in advance of a speaking date. He's one of my favorite cartoon-makers not primarily a cartoon-maker.

* saw Nate Beeler, Ann Telnaes and Mr. Fish speak at a luncheon in Columbus yesterday and had a great time. if you get to see either out in support of their new books, make some time to go. I'd never seen Mr. Fish before, and he was super-enagaging and articulate. Both Telnaes and Mr. Fish are cartoonists of the moment for their work on Trump; I think they're both doing the work right now for which they'll be most remembered. I know Telnaes is working her way through signings on the west coast south to north soon.

* finally: Brian Walker remembers his father.
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