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February 2, 2018

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

* Abraham Riesman on Vertigo's influence. I usually enjoy Riesman's essays, which I find thoughtfully crafted. This one lost me several times, I think due to shifting contexts and a few incredibly broad claims made on the line's behalf. Still, I enjoy many of Vertigo's best works, and happy anniversary to its architects and artists.

image* Alex Hoffman on Unmagical Girl Vol. 1 and Berserker #1. Joe McCulloch on Monograph. Robert Kirby on The Big Book Of Bisexual Trials And Errors. Todd Klein on Raven #1.

* not comics: I've never made much money as an on-line person, so articles like this one baffle me. The thing is, I just can't figure out how you can have a site that's any more effective than you could have paying for an entire magazine (two support people plus an every weekday freelance outlay) the money they're paying the dude in question.

* by request extra: an artist that could use some work.

* hourly comic day was yesterday and while I haven't stopped to go through the results artist by artist, I know that Summer Pierre will have done a great job making comics under that constraint.

* this is an amazing ramble through all sorts of information about Wonder Woman and a dozen or so of the contexts through which one might seek to understand the concept and character.

* finally: Dmitry Samarov talks to Chris Ware.
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