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February 3, 2012

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

* Gary Tyrrell continues to track Rich Burlew's Kickstarter dominance.

image* Nicolas Labarre writes about the style employed by Steve Dillon in Preacher.

* not comics: there will apparently be a Footnotes In Gaza movie. I always thought an animated version of what Joe Sacco does could be really compelling.

* Peggy Burns and Guy Delisle report on Angouleme.

* Todd Klein on Dark Horse Presents #5, Dark Horse Presents #6 and Swamp Thing #4. Andrew Shuping on Any Empire. Ed Sizemore (and Christopher) on Howard Lovecraft And The Undersea Kingdom. Kristy Valenti on Habibi and Paying For It. Sean Gaffney on Wandering Son Vol. 2. David Brothers on Wolverine: The Best There Is. John Parker on Spawn.

* I missed Diamond's 30th. Also this year's Hourly Comics Day.

* Bob reads comics.

* Martin Wisse, J. Caleb Mozzocco, Abhay Khosla and Eric Stephenson on DC's new publishing initiative.

* someone at DC Women Kicking Ass talks to Janelle Asselin. Dave Richards talks to Ed Brubaker.

* Alan Gardner reviews the new Stephan Pastis app -- and there's a lot there to review.

* if I were to read only one article today, and that one article ended up being Seth's excerpted piece at TCJ on design, that would be a fine day.

* ooh, that's nice-looking.

* finally, Jen Vaughn writes about Jeff Kinney's visit to the Center For Cartoon Studies campus.
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