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February 4, 2013

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

* the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund follows up with last week's sentencing of a Missouri Man for having some porno comics imagery.

image* check out this swell-looking Steve Ditko page.

* Jevon Phillips talks to Matt Fraction.

* help out David Brothers with his list of black writers at DC/Marvel.

* Colleen Doran would like you to know all of the ways in which sending your art unbidden to various comics professionals is annoying to those professionals and counter-productive to the general aims for such a sending. I agree with the practicalities of this. I know I can't look at material that isn't published because I'm told that's a good way to be sued.

* Shannon Wheeler on working for exposure.

* Carla Hoffman draws a comparison between fake girl geeks and fair-weather fans, which may be the first time I've come close to understanding what a fake girl geek is.

* Nate Powell draws Salt-N-Pepa. Max draws a frankenfish. John Kenn draws every Saturday afternoon I had as a kid. Matt Madden draws a bar in Angouleme. Mattias Adolfsson draws something where I don't get the title. Jim Mahfood draws Hitman. Dustin Harbin draws a bunch of different things. David Aja draws Daredevil. Graham Annable draws his family on Saturday mornings. Lisa Hanwalt draws a Basilisk Lizard. John Byrne draws John Byrne. Domitille Collardey draws a young George Saunders. Mark Schultz draws a scene from 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea.

* finally, there can't be a whole lot of superhero art more 1970s than this piece.
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