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February 4, 2014

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

image* Kazu Kibuishi draws Usagi Yojimbo. Paul Smith draws the Avengers. Ilya Kuvshinov draws Rachael from Blade Runner.

* this piece from Nate Piekos on creating a font for new Elfquest comics is widely linked-to and deservedly so. We're coming up on about 20 years of being able to do that for a project -- I think where it was used initially, and someone can correct me if I'm wrong, was in translated books to keep someone from having to letter an existing book over again. Could be wrong about that, though. I also like how Boing Boing has been supportive of Elfquest. I'm not sure the bulk of comics has decided on that book's legacy as of yet, even.

* not comics: I like that shirt.

* also, not comics: this is just a great tweet to randomly encounter.

* here's a sprawling piece about comics advertisements and Frank Zappa in the comics, among other topics.

* again, not comics: here's an article about superhero property branding and movie strategies that don't have a heck of a lot of to do with what I value about comics. I think it's a pretty good snapshot of that world. I'm not sure how rigorous a writer can be on a subject like that one -- it doesn't seem to be of a qualitative difference than a lot of fan blog pieces, like it doesn't have access to what the people involved say to that article-writer, like you might think there'd be a chance in a name magazine.

* why not some more not comics: this article on how to make drink coasters from comic-book art is a bit fancier than the process I've usecd in the past but seems like it would work just fine. Craft presents made from comics are some of the best presents, and coasters from comic book art look super cool, the 2000 AD serials and older mainstream comics in particular, I think.

image* one last not comics: this essay on Dungeons and Dragons at 40 may be of some interest to those of you -- like me -- for whom that game was part of a general nerd-culture stew to which comics were attached; I bought a lot of comics at role-playing stores, for instance. I think the writer is onto something with the fact that the game didn't cost as much to play past initial investment as, say, videogames did, and that this changed the idea of leisure time dramatically. Some of the boosterish claims are less convincing because I don't think they tell the whole story. While I think for some kids playing games like that sponsored learning and socialization, I don't think that's true of other kids for whom those games cinched anti-social behavior. I also know people my age that had unhealthy relationships with adults that came out of their role-playing experiences, which I don't think would have been as possible in a hobby area without that involved social element. One thing I think role-playing games did for comics is allow those with an interest in comics to see the same kind of dysfunction and exploitation patterns play out in that industry the way they did in comics years earlier, kind of confirming that kind of abuse as an impulse people have rather than something unique to the funnybooks. Anyway, congrats to D&D on hitting four decades of its saving throws against irrelevancy and obscurity.

* Gary Arlington did finally get a NYT obituary.

* Matt Drake on Skullkickers.

* finally, I'm always a little confused when I get the URL for something that's re-blogged and has additional commentary, but the primary source for this matter-of-fact diatribe about paying artists seems to be Jamal Igle.
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